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WHICH IS THE MOST SUITABLE FOR YOU? Every detail makes a garment be unique. Fabrics, colours, lines… and then? The necklines are very important too! Have you ever thought about how the style of a dress changes considering the neckline? It can give it a touch of bon ton, sensuality or refinement! Moreover everyone also helps to enhance your physicality! For example, if you have a rectangle body, the deep neckline is to be avoided, but it’s better to focus on a boat or heart neck to give "rhythm" to the look! Do you want to find the perfect neckline for you? We show you a guide to the types, to let you know the features of each one and guide you in choosing the ideal one for you! Are you ready? Let's start by listing the main types of neckline: V-neck; american style neck; round neck; boat neck; shawl neck; heart neck; with collar; square neck; asymmetrical neck. Let's see them in detail! Let's start with the V-neck, which falls pointed on the décolleté, forming a V. It’s used, for example, in tight and sensual dresses that show the depth of the neckline or in sweaters, which can have a classic style worn over a shirt! This neckline allows to slim the upper part of the body and it’s suitable, for example, for women with small shoulders. Now let's move on to the american neckline. It’s a neck that has a rounded shape in the front part of the body and it tightens in the back. With this neck, the shoulders are bared! Do you have important shoulders? This is the neckline for you! It’s perfect for those with large shoulders, but a not so much remarkable breast. The round neck is the classic neckline used in t-shirts or even in many sweaters. It’s a very simple type, especially suitable for those with a lot of breast. Linear and essential, surely perfect for those who prefer a classic style! Do you have small body and shoulders? The boat neckline is perfect for you! This neckline allows to enhance the physicality, increasing the intensity of the shoulders, which are more voluminous. The shawl neck is the tuxedo one. Used in the men's Tuxedo, it’s also widely used for the women's wardrobe! Professional and elegant, it’s suitable in all those occasions where it’s necessary to be formal. Imagine yourself at work with this neckline… professional and extremely refined! Do you have a romantic soul? The heart neck is perfect! It’s particularly delicate, feminine and chic, it creates the shape of the heart between the breasts. If you have a small waist, so an hourglass body, this neckline is for you! Then there’s the neckline with collar. Classic, but it can give you a refined, classy style and bring you back to past eras too! Exact! In its version with a renaissance collar it reproduces the lace necklines that were worn in the Renaissance. At the time it was the so-called “ruff". Absolutely to wear if you want to feel like a Renaissance court lady! The second-last neckline that we see together is the square neck. As the name hints, it’s a neckline that takes the shape of the square. Do you have large shoulders and small hips? This neckline is for you! Finally the asymmetrical neck, without set proportions and which is very versatile. Suitable if you have large shoulders! After this guide to necklines, we can't wait to know which one you will choose for your next new garment, strictly #handmade!

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