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WHAT IS IT AND HOW TO APLLY IT? “Sewing lovers”, today we talk about an important element, used for finishing the hems and edges of your creations: the bias tape! At the beginning it isn’t certainly easy to attach the bias tape. The practice helps to improve more and more the approach in this phase. Let's start from the beginning. Do you know exactly what is meant by “bias tape"? The bias tape is a tape fabric. There are various types, starting from fabrics: cotton, polyester, satin and linen are just some of those used for the realization of the bias tape. Then you will find them in various colours and patterns, to best adapt them to what you’re creating. The bias tape isn’t only suitable for finishing hems and edges of your garments, but it’s also used to hide lapels or in case of objects and accessories made of fabric. Beyond the single bias tape, you have to know that there is also the double fold bias tape. This one can be used for the edges, for example of necklines, but also for decorations. Now let's see how to apply the bias tape. Are you ready? First of all, if you are a beginner, the best thing is to choose a single bias tape, as the process for applying it, it’s more feasible even for those who aren’t experts about bias tape. Attach the bias tape ironing it opened and then folded in half. Match the unfinished side of the bias through an internal side pleat. Pin to match the bias to the fabric and when you reach the beginning overlap 1cm. Now proceed sewing the bias to the fabric along the net line (0,5cm in). Iron it towards the inside of the garment. Then sew again as close as possible to the folded edge of the bias from the right side, keep in mind that this seam will be visible. Your bias tape is applied! In case of the double fold bias tape, keep in mind that it will be visible internally and externally. In the area where you’re going to attach your bias tape, make a seam that can help you juggle in the moment you attach it. The double fold bias tape is overlapped on the edge and it’s visible, as said, inside and outside. Attach the bias tape at the turn of the edge. Pin to match the bias to the fabric and when you reach the beginning overlap 1cm. Now proceed sewing the bias to the fabric, which will be visible on both sides. Iron it towards the inside of the garment. Fix it again, sewing a second time. Pay attention that the right side follows the fold of the wrong side and your bias tape is attached! The proceedings we have presented to you are both to be done by hand, but it’s also possible to attach the bias tape, quickly and easily, by machine, through the skewing foot. There are universal ones, which adapt to your sewing machine. Bias tape? We’re ready for you!

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