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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO BECOME TRUE BUTTONS CONNOISSEURS According to the saying “for sewing a button you don't become a tailor”, but it certainly comes in handy! Who knows how many times you've come across a jacket or a pair of trousers with an unthreaded button! So if you have lost the old button, you look for the spare one, contained in the garment’s packaging you have purchased, but you don't know how to proceed with its sewing. We support you, step by step, in the process! Do you know that there are five types of buttons? For each of them there’s a different process to attach it, but don't worry! We’re here to show you the steps and make you become very good at this useful activity in many occasions! First of all let's see together what are the types: four-hole buttons; two-hole buttons; snap buttons; shank buttons; automatic buttons. Are you ready to discover the processes to attach them? Buttons, needle and thread of the colour of the garment in hand and let's go! You have to know that the easiest types of buttons to attach are that of four and two holes. Make a mark in the position where the button has to be attached, then insert the thread into the needle and tie a knot at the extremity. Now thread the needle into the fabric and make a stitch, so you stop your thread. Next place the button on the fabric and insert the thread into the holes. That's all, as our Miranda Priestly from “The Devil wears Prada” would say! Let’s continue with the snap buttons. There are many types: from metal ones to plastic ones, brass or Nickel Free ones for those who suffer of allergies. The process is a little bit different and you will need a thermo-adhesive reinforcement canvas. Place the canvas on the fabric, where you want to place the button, and then make a mark both in the hole in the center and in the rods vertically. Realize small cuts where there are the rods. Now you can put a part of the button on the front, folding out the bars on the back. Then do the same process with the other part of the button. The job is done and the button is attached to the fabric of your garment! Shank buttons are those with a hole in the back. Proceed from the “back” of your garment and identify the point where you want to place the button. Realize a stitch to lock the thread. Now take your button, thread the needle into the hole and, then, into the fabric, doing this process two or three times. Finally tie a knot and remove the excess part with a pair of tailor’s scissors. The button is fixed! Finally let's speak about the automatic buttons, which are composed of two parts. Place a part of the button on a side of the fabric and insert the thread into the holes from the bottom to the top of the button. Do the same process for the other part of the button, placing it on the opposite side. The automatic button is positioned on the garment! In our The Sewing Crew kits, for the creation of your garments, we have inserted automatic buttons to let the job be easier and faster. As you have seen the process is really quick! In addition to types, you have to know that many materials are used to realize buttons! Over the most known ones in metal, nacre, wood and ivory, there are some really interesting and particular ones, such as those realized with the shell of the coconuts! Are you surprised?! The coconut fiber is natural and the buttons can have a lacquered surface or an opaque one and also applied patterns. You could place them on a pair of palazzo pants, created by you, for a unique style! Now that you are connoisseurs about types and sewing of buttons, you’re ready for any eventuality! Sewing buttons, we aren’t afraid of you!

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